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If you are looking for a book full of adventure, unplanned challenges, and many surprises you have come to the right place.
Life at Fifty Below Zero

Life at Fifty Below Zero

An Alaskan Memoir on Teaching and Learning

A delightful book to read out loud; to discuss in a Book Club; to learn about Alaska history and educational changes; see additional photos of Alaska Native baskets and dolls; and hold close to your heart as the author shares decades of her life and career.

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“My journey of living as a young mom with limited family support sounds difficult to many. I believe it is an example of how each of us learn about ourselves. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Teaching in small schools in Alaska, Iceland, an African village, and endless other places around the world are all similar. A sincere desire to teach and learn from children and their families is understood despite differences in culture and language.”

– Christina