Wild Eagle

What does Wildeagle symbolize?

It is a combination of two names—Wilde and Reagle. Two letters were removed, the last letter of Wilde (Sean Wilde) and the first letter of Reagle (Christina Reagle). Sean and Christina are friends, companions, lovers, and creators.

For them the delight of being outdoors in quiet wilderness spots, looking for local historical sites, examining flowers and vegetation, and listening for the quiet sounds of water, birds, animals, and wind never grows old. Each finds strength in the solitude of breathing fresh air while moving along a path and hiking up a ravine.

Both enjoy creating. Sean plays with words and images as he creates visual work gathered from the collective unconsciousness. Christina gleans stories from her life experiences and those of others she meets along the way.

Eagles have a special significance to Christina because of years in southeast Alaska. During a difficult transition period they listened to her cry as they whispered not to worry. She watched them fly above as she hiked many trails and sat at Eagle Beach. Often during kayak trips eagle feathers appeared while floating a river or along a coastal byway.